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A Locksmith Challenge…

Posted by andersonlock Jul 30, 2010 GMT +00:00  •  Lock and Locksmithing History

Harry Houdini 1899

The Challenge:
Name a Famous Locksmith Who is Not More Famous for Something Else

While I wait for your nominations, I will point out that King Louis XVI of France had outstanding skills as a locksmith. However, his legacy as the last king of France, (and the only one to have beenRead More »


Anderson Lock is committed to LEED standards

Posted by andersonlock Jul 28, 2010 GMT +00:00  •  News and Comments

Anderson Lock is committed to conserving our natural resources.

Ways we reduce our impact on the environment include: recycling, using lower energy light bulbs and adding reduced energy vehicles to our service fleet.

Anderson Lock is also committed to reducing the amount of energy your facility… Read More »


20th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act

Posted by andersonlock Jul 26, 2010 GMT +00:00  •  News and Comments

Anderson Lock’s ADA Catalog

On this date, July 26, 1990, President George Bush H. W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act which is “An Act to establish a clear and comprehensive prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disability.”

Regulations supporting the law were issued… Read More »


…some people are obsessed with doorknobs!

Posted by andersonlock Jul 22, 2010 GMT +00:00  •  From the Archives

A man who claims he is obsessed with doorknobs was sentenced to three years in prison for a burglary spree in which dozens of doorknobs were taken from construction sites, along with tools and other materials. The thief told police he took the other items to disguise his addiction, “so that it… Read More »


Stylish Baldwin Enters Keyless Lock Market

Posted by andersonlock Jul 15, 2010 GMT +00:00  •  News and Comments  •  (1) Comment

New Keyless Deadbolt

Keyless Entry Locks

Baldwin Hardware just introduced keyless entry locks that provide security, convenience, and Baldwin’s superior quality and styling. The keyless locks are easy to install in standard door prep, and have two customizable access codes, ensuring no lost keys,… Read More »


Let me give you a hand with this door…

Posted by andersonlock Jul 06, 2010 GMT +00:00  •  News and Comments

Welcome Home
This door handle photo is found on the blog “the republic of less”–
check it out for more fascinating door handle designs!