301 Sidecar Key Holder is Popular on Anderson Lock Website

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301 Sidecar Key Holder

“My name is Will.
I’m an engineer.
I hate plastic.

My company started in 1997, when I was unable to find a well made key holder. I took over my garage and started to weld, bend, form, plate, stretch and pull metal, until I had come up with the 301 Sidecar key holder. By using top quality metal like 301 stainless steel, the result is a timeless product that is made in the U.S.A. from the finest metals. After spending a year tooling up the product, I built a sidecar for my old Harley. Using the sidecar to carry the key holders, I made sales calls to the hardware stores, locksmiths and auto part stores in the area.”

Will’s key holder is available on the Anderson Lock website:

It is a popular product. Here’s how we describe it:

Key Holder Works Like a Car’s Seatbelt

  • Tough stainless steel forged in America
  • Sidecar clips securely to your belt
  • Carry from 1 to 500 keys
  • To use your keys, just push the button
  • When you put them back you hear a click that lets you know your keys are secure


Will’s company makes Sidecar 301’s. That’s it.

And word-of-mouth, it seems, is how they are marketed.


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Rene says:
Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 08:08 pm GMT +00:00

These key holders are awesome!! I have had mine since 1999 & have never had a problem with it. It still works like it did in 1999 It’s the original kind with the “301” stamped out on the key hanger part. I’m a Maintenance guy & use it daily for 14 years. I would’ve gone through countless retracting chain type in that time frame. Great design for ease of operation. Thanks!

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