Anderson Lock issues hard hats, not hairnets! But because sterile instruments in surgical areas may be exposed to contamination by visitors who do not wear surgical attire, hospitals provide disposable clothing (which also serves to protect lock techs, sales representatives, basketball stars, and others from airborne pathogens.)

A Chicago Bulls player, garbed in a similar white hairnet and blue gown, was readily recognized in a recent Twitter pic. The professional athlete was photographed as he visited patients, and their parents, in the children’s ward of an area hospital. His photo, posted on social media, shared the joy he spread that day.

And, it reminded me of this photo of Anderson Lock tech Pete Matthiscyk installing an auto-operator in a hospital corridor. Sales Manager Jim Walsh, who is our account representative for the hospital, captured the candid moment. Jim says he is also frequently asked to wear personal protective gear when measuring doors and estimating hardware in healthcare facilities.

The 9550 Senior Swing is an ADA door controller that is a two-in-one swing door operator. These operators, when activated, open doors automatically for wheelchair access, yet allow for manual operation for regular pedestrian traffic. They are a proven standard for heavy-traffic applications.

Installing an LCN 9500 Series Automatic Operator, with its concealed power source and digital control box, can be an intimidating task. But Pete is an experienced, skilled lock tech who would agree that this heavy-duty hardware was designed with the installer in mind.