Seen on the street in Bergen

John next to a Norwegian locksmith service truck

John and sign for original Yale lock

In 2005, John Didier, an Anderson Lock technician and estimator, as well as a rock band musician, traveled to Norway and took these photos of locksmith service trucks and a locksmith shop. John met his wife, Susan, when he traveled there with his rock band for a series of performances.

Susan translated the words on the white truck: “Burglar Alarms, Lock Systems, Door Closers / Automatic Doors, Your Security – Our Responsibility, Lockmaster AS.” The store window reads: “The Original Yale Lock!” Lock Systems, Installation / Service, Door Automatic, Door Closers.”

The Anderson family tree branched out from Sweden, but the Scandinavian countries of Norway and Sweden could be seen as brother countries…like the brothers Anderson (Gene and Norm) and the brothers Didier (Mike, Jim and John) who have all been linked to Anderson Lock a long time and who are all quite familiar with burglar alarms, lock systems, door closers…and original Yale locks!