We design, install and maintain complex Master Key Systems for Chicagoland facilities.

Multi-level key systems, which control and restrict access to offices, classrooms, IT rooms and all other designated areas within buildings, are created from architectural drawings and from physical walk-throughs to determine the scope of a project. It is essential that there is a keying plan, and that cylinders are keyed, then marked with door names or numbers, well ahead of the construction completion date, to avoid last minute “keying nightmares.”

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After an initial keying meeting is held with building owners and / or property managers, a unique, color-coded schematic, labeled to indicate the Grand Master Key, Master Keys, Sub-Masters and Individual Keys is created. Once this keying plan is approved, key codes are recorded, cylinders keyed, and keys cut.

Since 1960, Anderson Lock’s core competency has been
the art and science of locksmithing.

Keying knowledge, gained from extensive experience, transfers to electronic lock system setups. Therefore, traditional locksmith training further distinguishes Anderson Lock’s techs, who integrate technology with mechanical locks. “Building owners appreciate the value we add,” Anderson Lock’s Master Key expert, Scott Heier, notes. “Master Key Systems are complex. Planning and communicating avoids costly delays and mistakes. Building security and life safety depend upon a well-planned, carefully controlled system, with built-in future expansion. There aren’t any other companies in this area that can do what we do. We are a one stop shop when it comes to doors and locks.”