As threats to student and staff safety increase throughout the nation, commercial lock makers have responded with an impressive array of options for school door security, from heavy-duty mechanical to wireless electronic lockdown solutions. Our reputation as school security experts developed over our 60-year history. We provide customized security solutions for doors that take constant use and abuse, from pre-schools, to K-12, to colleges and universities, throughout the Chicago region.


  • When schools began facing increased occurrences of intruders entering educational facilities to cause harm, administrators turned to our knowledgeable sales representatives to determine the most efficient and sensible lockdown protocols. Read about 10 school security lessons we’ve learned.
  • An example of a mechanical access control system is a Masterkey System which uses keys that are created to work a particular door or several doors in a building. A master key can open all the doors in the building. High security and patented key control mechanical systems are designed to upgrade existing un-controlled locks and keys quickly and efficiently without replacing existing door hardware. Read about our work on the Glenview School District Master Key System.
  • Some school campuses require higher security electronic access control systems to control access to records including medical and academic files closely. Audit information, available with electronic locking systems, help eliminate liability should information compromise occur. Read about how we did the  District 76 access control system.
  • Integrating locking systems with CCTV cameras is critical to a successful security system. Access can be electronically changed in a matter of minutes, saving time and money. These systems reduce risk without sacrificing access. Read a case study of our integrating locking systems with CCTV cameras.