The Niles Police Chief, and another uniformed officer, brought a small safe into Anderson Lock and asked Matt Dolan if he could open it. This could reveal drama! Where did they get the safe? From a crime scene? What did they think was in it? Drugs? Money? Stolen property?

Umm, no. It belonged to the police department. The batteries had failed on the electronic lock, and after too much use, the key-operated override lock also failed. The correct key was still hanging from the lock cylinder, but turning it didn’t open the safe door. Matt asked Thomas Didier what he thought… the safe was not a brand we sell, and we normally do not open locked safes. Most safes are too large to be carried into our showroom, and most fire and burglary rated safes can’t be cut open. But this was a small metal safe and Thomas told them that they could probably cut it open, but that doing so would ruin the safe for future use.

“It’s old!” the police chief said. “We just need the stuff that’s inside it! Go ahead, cut it open!”


So, wearing safety goggles, Matt held the safe steady while Thomas placed the jigsaw shoe firmly onto the surface of the safe while keeping the blade from touching the metal. He depressed the trigger and glided the blade along the perimeter of three sides of the safe. Noisy? Yes, but instead of slicing open the fourth side, Thomas wedged a screwdriver into the opening, lifted the edge high enough to grab hold of it, then, like a superhero, bent the heavy metal back until the opening was wide enough to reach in and remove the contents.

The delighted customer asked for a cardboard box to hold the files, badges and other valuables he removed from inside the safe. Then he announced, “Now we need a new safe!” He led Matt to the American Security Electronic Safe he had selected while Thomas was making metal flakes fly.

American Security’s EST916 safe is small, light and secure. It features an electronic lock with a large LCD display which  shows low-battery indicator, time, and date. The keypad allows smooth, easy operation. The emergency key-lock override system comes with two (2) keys. There are a power override battery box, built-in spy-proof function and motion detector alert.

  • Heavy 14-gauge solid steel construction, plus dual live bolts, also made of heavy gauge steel, assure dependable security.

Anderson Lock offers a wide selection of American Security safes designed for diverse storage and security needs. Whether for money, guns, jewelry, collectibles, or more, American Security makes the right safe for your use.

Matt smilingly cautioned the customer to pay attention to the low battery alerts, and the sale was completed.

The jigsaw opening made noise but there was not much drama. Just another happy customer.