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The email message read, “Hello, I wanted to know the cost of the key copy machine, and is it possible to send it to Kazakhstan?”

Lisa Kelley, who handles online sales for Anderson Lock, told me she gets requests for the neon green key machines at least once a week.

We do not sell them. We do not endorse them. We do not send them to Kazakhstan, or Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, or Turkmenistan.

Nor do we sell them to vending machine companies in Dubai, as requested in another email: “We are vending machine located in Dubai, we want to know your price! If you price is affordable we want to go further to install some machines. Thanks.”

The World Wide Web is wonderful, and it is thrilling for this blog writer to know that people from around the world may be reading my blogs. But it appears that some of those people may only be looking at pictures, or doing Google searches, then submitting a ‘contact form’ with their questions in the message.

We do have literally thousands of key blanks from hundreds of different lock brands and types. From small mailbox and cabinet keys to larger high security keys that can only be cut with proper authorization, and then, only with an exclusive, dedicated key machine. We recommend that you come into our showroom where we will quickly cut a key for you on well-maintained, well-calibrated commercial key machines.

It appears that people who are wondering if they can trust the key vending machines find our trusted website because of a very popular blog I wrote about five years ago. The more popular it became, the more times it appeared as a search “result.”

The question in the blog’s headline, “Should we be worried about neon green key machines?” is answered ‘No!’

However, folks also find our website when they are seeking to buy a key copy machine. But those searchers apparently don’t actually read the blogs!

If internet surfers actually read the blog they would know that we don’t recommend any self-service key copying machines. We certainly don’t sell green key machines, or yellow key kiosks, or blue and gray “Fast Key” copiers.

[You can read the blogs here: https://www.andersonlock.com/blog/anderson-lock-worried-neon-green-key-machines/ and https://www.andersonlock.com/blog/do-key-kiosks-threaten-access-control-systems/]




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