Choosing a Vendor with Integrity as Important as Choosing Products

Providing a safe and secure environment where students can succeed academically, socially, and emotionally is the obligation of school leaders. Because there has never been an event in which an active shooter breached a locked classroom door, there is a high demand for upgrading the physical security of schools. Choosing a vendor with integrity, a company with people you trust, is equally as important as choosing the products to be installed. Educational decision makers should insist on doing business with a company that has the resources to specify, schedule and complete complex, code-compliant solutions, in a timely manner.

Anderson Lock is the leading provider of school security locks in the greater Chicago area. Our experienced security consultants help specify customized solutions that also assure that fire, life safety, and accessibility requirements are met. Our skilled lock technicians have experience with a broad range of classroom security lock options, including adapting existing locks, installing classroom security locks, and installing electrified, remotely controlled security locks. We’ve partnered with dozens of school districts, and have installed thousands of new locks, for both new construction and renovation projects.

Then, when the project is completed, we remain committed to providing outstanding, long-term support.

Recently, Anderson Lock received an email from Micheal DeBartolo, Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations at Community Consolidated School District 21, in Wheeling, where Anderson Lock installed 900 new school security locks in all District #21 facilities. DeBartolo’s email referenced the ‘strong partner’ Anderson Lock has been with D21. “This only strengthens the relationship and proves your commitment,” he wrote. “Because of the monumental efforts you have made our 3 step secure entrance plan will be a reality on Day One of school.”

Identifying trustworthy partners can be a challenging process, one that’s likely based on extensive vetting, personal referrals, and hard-fought, occasionally painful experience.

DeBartolo’s email addressed that issue as well:

“I was asked by a superintendent in the west suburbs if I knew of a good locksmith company that I could recommend—rest assured your name will be the ONLY one I provide!”

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