Cortney Anderson Wascher, President / Owner of Anderson Lock, is featured in the June / July Issue of Door Security + Safety magazine. She was recently elected as 2023-2024 President of the Door & Hardware Institute (DHI). A member of DHI since 1996, Cortney served on the 12-member Board of Governors since 2019.

The six-page article is introduced with these words:  “Cortney Anderson Wascher began working in the door and hardware industry at age 11, and her love for the business grew ever stronger as she ascended to lead the company founded by her father in 1960. Now she will also lead DHI as its 2023-2024 President.”

Cortney’s 25 years of experience in the door hardware industry is profiled along with her family history and her vision for the future.

Click the link to read the story and see the photos:

June July 2023 Cortney Anderson Wascher Profile