Sooo, before writing this blog, I Googled “hands free latching” and learned a lot about “proper positioning for breastfeeding.” Interesting, but irrelevant. Changing the search terms to include “door hardware” led me to products traditionally called “hospital latches” or “push/pull latches.”

Because of concerns about the transmission of COVID-19, these are now referred to as “Hands-Free Door Solutions” and they are no longer only being specified for healthcare doors. Countless commercial facilities are being retrofitted with no-touch hardware.

The ability to latch differentiates this hardware from the door pulls and push plates which were addressed in a different blog. Standard push/pulls are surface-mounted and do not provide any resistance, so doors can easily be pushed or pulled open. Another blog introduced new low energy automatic door operators and touchless RF “wave-to-open” door actuators. Those solutions certainly do provide hands-free latching, but they are neither needed nor economical for every door.

 Hospital Push/Pull Latches consist of two paddles installed on either side of the door to allow an easy push/pull function, even when hands aren’t free. In addition to providing convenience in healthcare facilities, they ensure positive latching for patient protection in event of fire. These quiet, durable, versatile, door openers are offered in countless shapes, sizes, options, and models. Even more importantly now, they reduce germ transmission due to their hands-free operation. Thus, they are being specified in all types of commercial and industrial buildings.

Two “Hands-Free Latching” door hardware solutions we recommend:


Schlage HL Series Hands-Free LatchSchlage’s newly redesigned HL Series hospital push/pull hardware offers a quieter paddle operation than their previous product. The popular, durable HL6 has a short throw latching angle, allowing the door to be opened with an easy push or pull action. The HL6 mortise lock (shown) combines the convenience of the push/pull operation with the Schlage L Series heavy-duty mortise lock. A patented design privacy function is also available in their PL7/PL8. (Note: formerly Glynn-Johnson)




Corbin-Russwin Push/Pull LatchThe CorbinRusswin and Sargent Push/Pull is standard prep for both tubular and mortise lock applications. They are non-handed with multiple mounting orientations. The paddle shape creates a quick reference point for door activation. Its attractive design aligns with the evidence-based design approach to healing environments.



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