Guarded hasp, hockey puck lock and RLG cover

I tried to come up with a connection between the sturdy, steel hockey puck locks we have on sale and the 2010 Blackhawks’ “steel on ice” strong pursuit of the Stanley Cup…but a connection eluded me. Yet that seems OK. Because hockey puck locks are shackle-less. That is why they offer more protection for trailers, vans and service trucks than regular padlocks.

All Seasons Maintenance does the landscaping for Anderson Lock (and they do a fantastic job!) A week or so ago, All Seasons’ owner, Tim Copeland, came into Anderson Lock carrying three heavy duty padlocks with cut off shackles. All the landscaping equipment from three vans had been stolen. He has two other trucks that were protected with hockey puck locks, and he had come to buy more hockey puck locks, and the guarded hasps that add security.

Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Puck Signed by Ed Belfour

It won’t be long before sports marketers see opportunity here!

Anderson Lock also sells a cover for hockey puck locks. This product was invented by a tradesman who was tired of constantly being locked out of his work van.  Wanting to solve this problem for ALL tradesmen, he came up with the Reda Lock Guard…. When weather gets bad, or after numerous miles on the road, you can find yourself “locked out” of your own work van.  Hockey puck padlocks are great for security but leave a lot to be desired for functionality.  The Reda Lock Guard fits over the hockey puck padlock and attaches itself with 5 very strong rare earth magnets.  You simply pull it off and let it hang by its attached cable or slap it on the panel of the van door.  When you are done in the van you simply put it back over the lock. The Reda Lock Guard has its own logo on it. For now. I’m predicting it won’t be long before some enterprising sports marketer makes a deal with RLG to put hockey team logos on the RLG covers.

They still wouldn’t be shackled together, but there would be a strong connection between hockey puck locks and the Chicago Blackhawks!