Anderson Lock customers asked for online shopping capability…and we’ve responded! From now on, busy phones, different time zones, and after hours online browsing won’t delay orders. And, there are no flashing pop-ups or distracting ads. The new Anderson Lock website is well-designed and easy to navigate.

Cortney Wascher led the website development team to create both a fresh look and new online shopping capability. Popular products in popular finishes are available in lock, door closer, exit device, access control and other categories. Cortney says, “Additional products will be added in coming months, but the site isn’t limited to only our popular items. We represent over a hundred manufacturers of security door hardware, and you’ll be able to shop for everything from digital locks to door stops.”

Our web address didn’t change, it is still If they prefer, visitors can browse product pages without logging in or putting in a password, then call us to place their order. We are not trying to automate everything, nor are we cutting back…we are sincerely responding to a segment of the market that is web savvy and wants interactive, online ordering.