New Door Installation Tools Hold Doors for You

Man using door stud to install red door

Jim Newenhouse, Founder / CEO of The Door Stud® specialty tool company, selected Anderson Lock as its Chicagoland partner / distributor. Last December, Jim visited our Door Division where he led the creation of a video (see YouTube link below) which features Anderson Lock technician Todd Paluch.

During a recent Zoom meeting, Jim thanked Todd, calling him “Mr. Hollywood!”

The Door Stud specialty tool revolutionizes door handling and installation. Single person installs are not only possible, they make the installation easier and safer. They are versatile, able to handle 1-3/4” and 2-1/4” doors. The standard (Pro Series) works with doors up to 300-lbs.; the heavy-duty (Commercial) size works with doors weighing up to 600 lbs.

Door Stud tools clamp onto the door to hold it in an upright or horizontal position so it can be easily transported and installed. This eliminates the need to lean the door and prevents damage to the door and walls. The installer can then quickly square, level, and roll the door into place. With The Door Stud, the time it takes to install a door is reduced by 50%.

Benefits of using The Door Stud to hang a door include:

– One person can easily transport and install a door

– Door Stud tools hold the door in an upright position to eliminate damage to walls

– Door Stud tools reduce installation time by up to 50%

In the video, Todd, who has been installing doors for 22 years, describes the differences between installing a door traditionally vs. using Door Stud. He concludes by saying, “I wish I had these years ago!” The photo below is from the video Door Stud vs. Traditional Installation… click the link to view.

Still image of man in black clothing moving door down hallway prior to installation

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Anderson Lock put these installation tools in stock, and into each of our service tech’s trucks, to assure easy, safe door handling. Call us to learn more and to order…800-323-LOCK [5625]