Chuckle Brothers Comic about Keys to the City

Locksmiths would like to have to “go around and change everybody’s locks”…but of course it is a myth that there is one “key to the city” or “master key” that would open every lock!

Back in medieval times, however, they literally did have a “key to the city.”  Feudal lords protected their cities with high walls and imposing locked gates. While most travelers had to show papers and pay customs taxes to enter a walled city, certain men were given a key, and were free to come and go as they pleased. Today, cities give ceremonial keys to esteemed visitors, prominent local leaders and worthy organizations.

Anderson Lock master key experts design complex systems that include a Great Grand Master Key (GGM), Grand Master Key (GM), Sub-Masters (ie. AA, AB, AC…) and “change keys.” A well-designed system allows for expansion, so that certain locks can be changed yet can still be “operated” or opened by the master keys “above them” in the system. A well-controlled system, where keys can’t be duplicated without proper authorization, and where careful records are kept of key holders and the number of keys issued, will provide security for many years.

Unlike the “key to the city”, a lost or stolen master key usually does result in a call to Anderson Lock locksmiths to “come around and change everybody’s locks!”