Anderson Lock’s red mobile billboards are dispatched to thousands of job sites each year. Whether you see them traveling on city streets or highways, or parked in our customer’s parking lots, our service and delivery vehicles are always spreading the word about Anderson Lock.

An Anderson Lock “ambulance” truck headed  to a job site

Lock techs, hardware sales reps and service estimators drive smaller fuel-efficient cars

Our largest trucks deliver dozens of doors and frames each day

Several lock techs work together on large electronic school security lock installation projects

It’s difficult to determine just how many different destinations were included in the 4,300 work orders our locksmith techs completed last year, since many of our customers rely on us for all their door security needs, and schedule service at different doors, but with the same building address, throughout the year.

Our lock techs install integrated security solutions for all types of customers and all kinds of lock and door dilemmas. Typical jobs for the service department include rekeying buildings, repairing misaligned doors using Roton hinges, and replacing countless kinds of locks and door closers, including overhead concealed closers.

Replacing overhead concealed closers on restroom doors is what our techs did on a recent job at Saranello’s Italian Restaurant, a Lettuce Entertain You facility. Of note on this job is the height and weight of the doors–and the urgency of Saranello’s request…. Today! Bathroom doors need to be working!

Although 90% of our daily commercial locksmith service work is scheduled ahead of time, we save room for emergency work like this. Other examples of emergency work include break-ins, commercial building lock-outs, and windstorm damaged doors and frames. Our uniformed techs and installers arrive at job sites in clean, branded trucks which communicate professionalism and service that customer’s trust.

With vehicle graphics, we prominently display our company name, logo, phone number and web address consistently across our entire fleet. By incorporating distinctive colors, and high-resolution product images, we cultivate credibility, introduce capabilities, and non-intrusively reach a wider audience than we could with other types of media.

The largest ‘mobile billboards’ in our fleet deliver dozens of doors and frames to job sites, throughout Chicagoland, daily. Our Door Division supplies metal doors, frames, commercial wood doors, FRP (fibre reinforced polymer), other specialty doors, mechanical and electronic door hardware, and aluminum / glass wall framing systems.


Anderson Lock’s fleet of 30+ red service vehicles includes one type of utility van we refer to as our “ambulance” trucks. No flashing lights, but they do transport our “key control patrol” and “lock doc” techs to the scenes of emergency security problems as well as to scheduled maintenance and repair work and new construction installations.