NDE Wireless Lock

Jeff Asta Demonstrates Schlage NDE Wireless Lock in Anderson Lock’s Electronics Lab

It was tempting to copy and paste the features and benefits of the new NDE networked wireless locks from Schlage’s website directly into this blog. Tempting because understanding all the features and benefits requires more technical access control terminology than this writer truly understands.

However, I do understand that these beautifully designed locks fit into a standard 161 cylindrical lock prep, and that they feature a high level of security and versatility. Also, they are upgradable to work with future access control products.

One of our access control experts, Jeff Asta, who is shown here in our Des Plaines’ showroom, likes both the looks and the functionality of Schlage’s newest electronic locks.

The NDE design packages the cylindrical lock, credential reader, and access control sensors together in to a small footprint that is both easy to install and affordable. NDE enables the use of both proximity (like 125 kHz cards or key fobs) and/or smart (13.56 MHz) credentials.

OK, this next paragraph really is copied from Schlage’s website: “NDE fits into existing network architecture and can work in the same EAC system as other wireless locks including Schlage Control™, AD-400 and LE. Use the ENGAGE™ Gateway for real-time connectivity and lockdown via RS-485 or IP PoE. The NDE can also be connected to a Wi-Fi network for automatic updates directly from host software. Features and capabilities will vary by system; please visit Software Alliances tab for additional details.”

Got that? The real-time connectivity and remote lock down are huge benefits. But don’t take my words for it…check out these locks in our showroom, or on Schlage’s website. You’ll be impressed.

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