HPC Key Code Machine

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CodeMax® Computerized Code Machine


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Product Specs

CodeMax® has an internal computer chip that contains Depth & Space Data (DSD) for more than 800 different lock types
  • Use for up to 14 spaces and 14 depths
  • Cut virtually all vehicle, commercial, residential and furniture keys
  • Shoulder gauge safety switch
  • Connect to your PC with 25-foot, 9-pin serial cable (included)
  • Download key cutting information from HPC software programs (purchased separately) directly to your CodeMax®: CodeSource®, MasterKing® and Key Trail
  • Adjustable speed "feed rate"
  • Go forward and backward through key bittings and insert additional key bittings while cutting any key job
  • Option: contour (laser) cutting for automotive keys
  • Download master key systems, ensuring error-free cutting
  • 1 year warranty and HPC technical support