Motion Access Condor Swing

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Low Energy Operator


Product Details

Product Specs

  • One control for single or door pairs; high or low energy; and low force / energy applications
  • Power boost to manage building stack pressure; and closed-loop wind-load detection to manage wind gusts
  • Push-N-Go with a separate hold-open timer
  • Adjustable closing speeds as standard, along with selectable obstruction detection (auto-reverse, stop or slow)
  • Built-in 10A lock relay for all your electric lock and strike needs
  • On-board accessory power for sensors
  • Built-in lock-out function for header sensors, and wall detection avoidance for door mounted sensors
  • Built-in "secondary activate zone" when using push plates in hospital coridors and / or when using door-mounted sensors; safeguards "trailing" traffic while preventing unintended activations during manual use
  • 100% solid steel gears for long life and the ability to drive 400 lb. doors; extra large bearings for the most abusive traffic
  • Standard arm swing up to 180° for max-open needs
  • Integrated line filter and double overload protection to safeguard customers and equipment