Luisa Casale, A.H.C., Senior Project Manager at our Door Division, managed our successful bid for doors, frames and hardware for the $1 billion expansion and renovation of O’Hare’s Terminal 5, which began in 2019. She worked with DBM Services for the exterior project, and Escarpita for the interior project. Although the exterior was mainly completed in 2022, with seven new gates opened in the extended East Concourse, and ten renovated gates opened in the West Concourse, work on the interior project continued throughout 2023, and will extend into next year.

Luisa described the ongoing project as the largest one she has ever done at Anderson Lock. Our original bid, awarded in July, 2020, called for 81 frames and 194 doors. “It was very complex and had many different types of doors, frames and hardware. I worked with the customer to break out this project into many phases. The submittals, purchasing and delivering were all separated by phases.”  Because of change orders, the door and frame numbers increased to 102 frames and 223 doors, along with all the hardware.

O’Hare Exterior Project with DBM Services

 Luisa commented, “The project ran pretty smoothly, there were a few ‘bumps’ but we worked with DBM’s office project manager and the field superintendent to solve any issues.”

Anderson Lock also did all the keying for this project; Scott Heier worked on keying details with the end user.

After the final billing, in February, 2023, Luisa noted, “I’m not sure how many bidders there were on this project, but I do know that the customer selected us because we had done past work with them and they like working with us. It was challenging to keep this immense project organized, but, in the end, the architect and owner are pleased and want to work with us again.”

O’Hare Interior Project with Escarpita

Luisa described the interior project, which was awarded in August, 2020, as “even more complex, with many different types of doors, frames and hardware. It started with 583 frames and 715 doors and panels. However, we have already supplied 706 frames and 912 doors and panels along with all the hardware.  Because of an excessive amount of changes during Terminal 5’s interior construction, it was critically important to keep good notes on each opening. Some openings changed multiple times.”

Luisa worked with the customer to break out this project into many phases. The submittals, purchasing and delivering were all separated by phases. As with the exterior project, she kept detailed notes on each opening. “Although most of the project was delivered in 2022, construction is still going on, with customers still making many changes. When they change the swing of the door, or the handing, a completely different, new door must be ordered,” she explained. “And then, there was a situation where they needed to accommodate a special hardware application for 15 openings. I asked Todd Paluch to go to the jobsite to review the conflict. Todd worked with their field guy and was able to make a custom bracket to solve the conflict. Todd ordered all the parts and I wrote a change order for the custom brackets.”

Anderson Lock also did all the keying for the T5 interior project. Scott Heier worked with the end user to create a master key system.

Delta Sky Club in T5

The new home for Delta Air Lines, which shifted operations from the carrier’s long-time home in Terminal 2, also included the construction of a new Delta Sky Club, located between Gates M11 and M14, with more than four times the capacity of its former club in Terminal 2. For the Sky Club, Door Division Project Manager David Graham worked with Holder Construction, out of Atlanta, GA. Anderson Lock supplied EZY JAMB frames which create a smooth transition of the door jamb, eliminating need for trim to allow a minimalistic flush finish. A Remix metal inlay was also added on the face of some doors. Upgraded hardware, like the Tiger & English Bridle wrapped leather pulls (see photo below in Gallery), enhance the perks and amenities available in the Sky Club.


More Stats, From ‘O’Hare 21’ Terminal 5 Project:

  • Added 10 new gates, providing 25% more gate capacity, improving efficiency and reducing delays
  • Increased passenger amenity space by 85%​​
  • Expanded existing building space by approximately 350,000 square feet
  • Renovated more than 750,000 square feet of the existing building
  • Added more concessions and passenger amenities for an improved dining and shopping experience
  • Enlarged, reconfigured, and refurbished interior spaces