“Anderson Lock made my job easier.”

Anderson Lock Access Control Technician, Pete Matthiscyk, was dispatched to the Park Ridge Animal Hospital on an emergency call. The electric strike on the glass aluminum front door wasn’t working, and there was a faulty card reader.

While there, Pete told Michael D’imperio, the facility manager, about bright blue®, a web-based access control system that can be logged into for changes, from anywhere with internet access.

Anderson Lock had installed the building’s IEI HubMax® system, so Pete knew that the necessary electrified hardware and wiring was already in place. Access Control Manager, Jeff Parcell, quickly provided a quote, and before long, Pete, and his colleague, Vince Bagneschi, returned to install a 12-door bright blue® system.

Pete and Vince determined which wires led to which doors, then labeled each wire. Teamwork assured efficiency. One tech stayed in the control room while the other moved from door to door. They stayed in constant communication throughout the day over their phones. After testing everything, they trained Michael on the new software. He learned it quickly, within half an hour. According to Vince, “He was great, but even non-tech savvy people are able to pick up on it quickly. That’s one of the great things about bright blue.”

“Your guys really know what they’re doing,” Michael D’imperio said. “I like that the techs could articulate the benefits of this new system. It’s easy to use, I can use it remotely, and they have a great teaching protocol…they walked me through examples, then guided me as I entered information. A few days later I got a follow-up phone call to make sure everything was working. The whole experience was great. Anderson Lock made my job easier.”