Summit School District #104 is one of many school projects we completed in the past year. The main school, one of five in the district, is over 100 years old. Anderson Lock replaced some doors, installed auto operators on building entrances, and supplied 30 hardware sets, including ND Series lever locks with LFIC cylinders.

Jim Didier created the Master Key System which Don Dames, district Director of Buildings and Grounds, maintains. He is shown next to the key cabinet, a vital component of a security system. In addition to storing keys safely, secure cabinets help prevent unauthorized access to buildings and rooms, protect valuable assets such as vehicles, and help keep track of key usage.

Rose Umana, Hardware Sales Representative, met with district leaders to help assess the district’s needs and help develop a security plan. Anderson Lock has decades of experience with facility “walk-throughs” when designing Master Key Systems. They are essential for accurate door counts, as well as for including estimates for necessary repair work. This planning step provides door names / numbers and locations which are required for concise ordering, and later, for programming or keying locks. Installation is faster and more efficient with a floor plan based on information gathered in an early-stage walk-through.

With an approved plan in place, our skilled lock techs replaced some doors, adjusted or replaced faulty door closers, and added auto operators to entrances to comply with accessibility guidelines. New locking hardware, with a new Master Key System, greatly increased the security of every door in the district.

It is worth noting that following a subsequent school shooting in another part of the country, Don asked Anderson Lock  to return to School District #104 to walk every exterior door of every school to make sure they all closed and latched to lock. We quoted the work that needed to be done, then completed the work.