Low angle on gray interior wall that says FischerFischer Paper Products, a paper packaging manufacturer serving the foodservice industry, recently moved into new headquarters in Antioch, Illinois. This architecturally stunning, state-of-the-art, 162,000 square foot manufacturing facility merged Fischer’s two former locations under one roof.

Joshua Fischer, the company’s president and owner, stated, “This will help streamline processes and build an even stronger team dynamic. We are using this opportunity to invest in new products and technology and look forward to continuing to be a valued partner for our clients for decades to come.”

Anderson Lock supplied some of the new technology. Our access control techs upgraded and expanded the popular web-based Bright Blue card reader system we had installed at their previous locations to control 14 doors at the new facility.

Vanderbuilt Bright Blue card reader system set upPerfect for most small to medium-sized applications, the Bright Blue Intelligent Access Management System from Vanderbilt Industries lets users manage up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders with ease. Bright Blue‘s embedded intelligence design means it does not require special software installation or a dedicated PC. Any computer running a standard web browser can be used to access, monitor, and manage a Bright Blue system. Its user-friendly design makes access control genuinely accessible.


Anderson Lock techs also installed 17 interior and exterior CCTV cameras. Because Fischer Paper had not had cameras in the former locations, Anderson Lock’s Access Control Estimator, Jeff Asta, specified GeoVision’s 8 megapixel IP dome cameras to integrate with their existing access control system.

Computer monitor displaying security cameras of parking lot and roads around building

GeoVision is a leading digital and networked video surveillance company. Their award-winning GV series megapixel IP cameras offer a wide range of models and functions from 1.3 megapixels to 12 megapixels that provide supreme video quality and video analytics for professional users.

The GeoVision built-in video analytics software platform performs different tasks, including but not limited to face detection, tampering alarm, unattended object detection, missing object detection, smart search single PTZ object tracking, people counting, and crowd detection.

Anderson Lock’s Mission Statement is: “Promoting peace of mind by providing quality solutions that improve the safety, security, accessibility and aesthetics of buildings.”  Safety, security and accessibility are fundamental characteristics of commercial lock sales and service solutions. The “beauty” of most door hardware is secondary to its functionality. But aesthetics are nevertheless integral to every access control installation we do. Eye-catching, visually pleasing designs and careful installations send the message that we take pride not only in our security solutions, but also in how the finished project looks.

Fischer Paper’s creative, functional, and attractively designed new facility features precast concrete exterior construction. Joshua Fischer, leading the company his grandfather founded, had expressed concerns about the drilling required for the exterior camera installation.

When our skilled technicians, Pete Matthiscyk and Chris Willroth, climbed down from the boom lift after the final exterior camera was installed, Joshua told Jeff he was very pleased with the “installation aesthetics.”

Security cameras on corner of a wall

Security cameras mounted on exterior of building

Security camera mounted above double doors

Low angle on three cameras mounted on exterior corner of building

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