Contractor Score is a totally objective, third-party tool that helps measure the key aspects of a contractor’s short-term financial and management capacity. Cortney Anderson Wascher said, “We are proud of Anderson Lock’s 2500 score on a scale of zero to 2500. We are pleased to receive this rating after submitting extensive documentation. We have always been a fiscally responsible company which reinvests in our business, and are happy to have earned this distinction.”

Much like a consumer ‘credit score’, the ContractorScore is a professional tool that measures a contractor’s current financial and management health. It is confidentially derived, and is applicable to subs and generals alike. It is being used in many pre-qualification bid requests.

Although Anderson Lock’s strong reputation for quality, reliability and dependability has long been established with general contractors throughout the Chicago region, this rating puts a comparative numerical score on our ability to successfully complete big projects.