Do You Need A Door?

A single replacement door and frame?

A commercial door is specified according to the opening into which it will be installed.
Will it be:

  • interior or exterior?
  • front entrance or rear exit?
  • new construction or retrofit?
  • fire-rated or non-fire-rated?
  • subject to severe weather?
  • high traffic?
  • abuse?

The extensive inventory of hollow metal doors and frames, and commercial wood doors, in our Door Division ensures fast turnarounds for dozens of different door types.

Our immense Elk Grove facility is equipped with state-of-the-art cutting, welding and stamping equipment to fabricate just about any configuration of sidelight, borrowed light, and transom. Skilled shop techs modify hollow metal doors to install lights, louvers or special hardware. Computerized machining equipment in our dedicated wood door shop transforms in-stock slab doors with accurate hinge and hardware preps. Anderson Lock’s Door Division is Warnock-Hersey certified for fire doors.

Frames form an artistic tunnel while being staged for a big project.

Our reputation as Chicagoland’s leading commercial door source was earned by consistently providing dependable project management for general contractors, architects, and school and hospital facility directors. Our project managers deliver thorough estimates, detailed submittals, and accurate orders.

Much coordination is needed to verify that the specified hardware meets ADA, Fire / Life Safety, and other building regulations, and functions properly for the application. Additionally, having an Architectural Hardware Consultant on staff assures that the highest standards of the industry are always maintained.

The following overview of commercial doors describes basic types (stock), then introduces newer specialty doors (non-stock) with more detail. Classified by their construction, doors may be made of wood, steel, fiberglass, [a.k.a. FRP for Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester], or glass.

HM (Hollow Metal) Doors / Frames

Steelcraft® manufactures an impressive selection of metal doors and frames for virtually any wall condition or entryway requirement. Their offerings include flush, stile and rail, severe weather, acoustical, stainless steel and blast-resistant doors as well as the Grain-Tech Series of stainable steel doors that provide the beauty of wood with the benefits and features of steel.

Anderson Lock stocks a huge inventory of Steelcraft doors/frames and also stocks Curries® and Ceco® metal doors.

Commercial Wood Doors

Architectural wood doors are available in many sizes, shapes, styles, woods, stains and paints. Materials include wood veneer, high and low-pressure decorative laminate, durable surfaces, stile and rail, medium density fiberboard, and hardboard. They may be specified as fire doors, acoustic-rated doors, radiation-shielded doors, and more.

Classrooms and office interiors are the most common applications for commercial wood doors. Anderson Lock stocks wood doors in several sizes and types, and is a distributor for all the leading wood door manufacturers.

Tornado and Hurricane Doors

Tornado and Hurricane doors are not interchangeable.

Tornado doors are designed to protect people in a designated area or space, such as a tornado shelter or school safe room. They are intended to tolerate sudden impacts, such as strong wind gusts and flying debris.

Hurricane doors and frames are assembly approved with Allegion hardware to resist hurricane pressures and impacts. Uniquely engineered designs, combined with the durability of superior corrosive resistant steel, make Steelcraft Hurricane products an excellent solution for added building protection from severe weather.

Tornado and hurricane doors are both designed and tested to meet rigorous standards, but they are not interchangeable. Building owners and facility managers need to understand the door-specific needs of their region, to keep people and property safe.

Lead-Lined Steel Doors

Republic® lead-lined doors and frames provide maximum radiation protection in hospitals and healthcare clinics. Lead is effective at scattering gamma rays and x-rays which makes lead-lined doors and frames ideal for medical facility use. Lead lined doors look and feel like normal hollow metal doors which allow medical facilities to keep a consistent look between offices and radiology rooms.

When designing buildings for the healthcare industry, there are stringent building codes and standards. You might assume that lead lined doors are only made of steel, but wood doors can also be built with lead cores. Flush wood doors with clean edges are a common choice in healthcare settings, since they are easy to clean and sterilize. Radiation shielded doors are available in a large selection of wood veneers and factory finishes. Lead-lined mineral cores can also come fire-rated for 45 or 60 minutes.

Bullet Resistant Doors

Bullet resistant doors are used in banks, financial and government buildings, gas stations, cash centers, and high crime areas. These door, frame and window assemblies come in a variety of grades for interior or exterior applications and are rated to resist penetration from .22 caliber bullets to mortar shells.

Wicket Doors, a.k.a. Patient Room Access Solutions

A wicket door is basically a door within a door. They allow the main door to be closed, with a portion of the door open for communication, ventilation, or light. ASSA ABLOY’s Patient Room Access Doors feature inner doors that open to the corridor, giving authorized personnel quick access to the patient’s room in case of an emergency, while maintaining the security needed for the facility. The main door has the functionality of a standard inswing patient room door. Patient safety is a key feature in the design of the door, which has been accepted by the New York State Office of Mental Health.

STC Doors

STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings are a single number indicating the sound insulation value of a door or window (including partitions and floor-ceiling assemblies.) A door’s ability to reduce noise is called its sound transmission loss (TL) effectiveness. Requirements for the reduction of noise in the built environment come from codes and standards. Using products that align with STC ratings will help meet these requirements. The higher the STC rating, the less noise is passed through the material – in our case, the door opening.

Sound treatment is critical in many environments, and providing it is one of the biggest challenges for door openings today. STC-rated doors are frequently specified for education, healthcare, hospitality, military/government, and office facilities.

The trend toward environment-friendly interior aluminum frame systems, that began before COVID-19, has accelerated.

Interior Glass Wall Systems and Herculite Glass Doors

The trend toward environment-friendly interior aluminum frame systems, that began before COVID-19, has accelerated. Glass design elements allow natural light, which benefits health, well-being and productivity, to illuminate interior workspaces.

Anderson Lock Project Managers frequently specify Wilson Partitions® for office renovations. These high-quality, made-to-order, LEED-compliant, interior aluminum frame systems create elegant and modern workspaces. As a longtime distributor for Wilson Partitions, we’ve noted a recent increase in popularity for modular wall solutions. As commercial spaces move away from the open office concept, the door industry leads the way with elegant, scalable solutions that are more affordable than constructing permanent walls.

Herculite®, the most well-known glass door brand, is synonymous with similar see-through doors made by other manufacturers. Herculite doors offer options for customization, including opening and closing hardware, the thickness of the glass, handle types, and more.

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Door Division, 1590 Touhy Avenue, Elk Grove, IL

Anderson Lock’s WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) certification helps many customers meet their goals of “subcontracting not less than 5% WBE of the awarded contract price for work to be performed.”

A pioneer of the full-service, total opening door security service concept, we maintain well-stocked warehouses at each of our two locations, one filled with commercial-grade door hardware, the other with commercial doors and frames. We are master key experts, with licensed lock techs uniquely qualified to manage building security. Our electronic access control integrators are factory-certified in installation, programming and service.

Facility managers, general contractors, architects, education and healthcare professionals rely on Anderson Lock to manage their architectural openings knowing that doors and hardware will be properly specified, sourced and delivered. We are a trusted resource for technical knowledge, a full-line source with competitive pricing.

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