Devin Wascher of Anderson Lock in Des Plaines, IL

Devin Wascher, AHC

Devin Wascher recently earned distinction as an Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC). The Door and Hardware Institute (DHI) awards this credential to individuals who have successfully completed a prescribed series of training, and have passed rigorous certification examinations.

Architectural Hardware Consultant Badge Devin, who is also a certified fire door inspector, follows in the footsteps of his father-in-law, Anderson Lock Company founder, Gene Anderson, one of DHI’s first Architectural Hardware Consultants.

Door Hardware Institute 35 Years of Excellence AwardThe Door and Hardware Institute (DHI) is the only professional association dedicated to the Architectural Openings Industry. With the purpose of advancing life safety and security within the built environment, DHI represents the North American openings marketplace as the advocate and primary resource for information, professional development and certification. With the focus on our members, DHI strives to be the indispensable resource for industry trends, best business practices and advanced education. DHI remains a powerful advocate for creating a favorable code environment in the life safety and security industry.

Having an A.H.C. on staff tells customers that the highest industry standards, and training, are valued company principles. Since 1960, quality products and excellent customer service at the family-owned company have enhanced the security, fire and life safety of countless Chicago area buildings, and their occupants.

Anderson Lock partners with clients seeking to improve the:

• safety,

• security,

• accessibility and

• aesthetics of buildings,

from the blueprint stage until final installations are complete by providing door hardware specifications, budget development assistance, and consulting services to assure compliance with ADA, building and fire codes.