The balance, patterns, proportions, and gradient colors in this artistic photo, featuring recently-fabricated hollow metal door frames, remind us of a creative modern art composition.

Borrowed lite, side lite and transom frames stand erect in our warehouse, awaiting delivery to a jobsite.

Frames, whether for doors or pieces of art, are fundamentally utilitarian objects. But many frames, whether for doors or oil paintings, are works of art in their own right—and deserve to be seen as such.

Commercial door frames are available in our Door Division with hardware prep locations from all manufacturers, including Steelcraft, Curries, Ceco, Republic, Mesker, and more. Virtually every jamb depth or profile can be welded or made as knocked down frames. Our skilled welders customize hollow metal frames to fit any size opening, and to accommodate any wall condition, including masonry, steel, and wood stud.

Although I could write on and on about our Door Division’s frame fabricating capabilities, this blog simply shows frames as art. Here are some examples:

Our featured frame photo was enhanced with an Adobe Photoshop filter for creative effect.

This framed photo of fabricated frames imitates geometric art with its straight lines and angles forming shapes, patterns and designs

This conceptual art photo highlights door frame profiles to create abstract art.

Sculpture art is an artistic form in which materials are worked into three-dimensional art objects. This metal sculpture depicting door frames hangs in our Door Division.

Occasionally, metal window frames even function as frames for smiling faces!

 If you need a commercial door frame–or dozens of door frames, contact us. We custom fabricate:
  • KD Drywall frames
  • KD Masonry Frames
  • Welded Frames
  • Sidelite Frames
  • Transom Frames
  • …and more!

Door frames create a tunnel, illustrating perspective, which in art usually refers to the representation of three-dimensional objects or spaces in two dimensional artworks.

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