photo_shootCorey, the videographer, aims his hand-held video camera at Anderson Lock tech, Aaron, during final moments of a video shoot earlier this week. Aaron enjoys replacing doors and frames, but he did not enjoy being the star of a video! Nevertheless, he was friendly and fun, and would say, “Take two!” or “Take three!” when asked to repeat anything for a different camera angle.

Aaron, happy that there will be a voice-over narration, and that he at least didn’t have to talk on the video, did offer plenty of explanation and commentary for those of us in the “audience.” And, he feigned disappointment that the finished clip will not appear on TV! Editing over four hours of recording into a four minute video may take weeks, but I can hardly wait for it to be shared on our website and on YouTube!

Watching him remove a damaged, dented rear entrance door and frame, then replace it with a new Steelcraft hollow metal door and frame was fascinating. Anderson Lock technicians are trained as locksmiths, and are also experienced with a wide variety of security door hardware including electronic access controls.

Aaron is particularly skilled as an installer of doors and frames. His expertise was highlighted when he had to trim the frame to fit it above a threshold that couldn’t be removed, because it was cemented into place. He drilled holes in the frame, then pulled wires through for the electric strike, card reader and two monitor switches, before fitting the frame into the rough opening. He continued to make adjustments until the frame was level, horizontally and vertically. He then installed heavy-duty butt hinges on the new door and hung it, making it look so easy!

Aaron’s experience and mechanical ability showed again when he had to make adjustments to the exit device, which had a “manufacturing glitch.” He prevented a “call back” that would surely have occurred if he had not tested and re-tested the latching and locking functions before finishing the installation.

Anderson Lock’s Door Division was opened in response to customers’ requests for one source for doors, frames and security hardware. Formerly, clients would have to call a door company for a new door, and coordinate that installation with a locksmith that would install security hardware like the Von Duprin exit device, Folger Adam electric strike, and rim cylinder keyed to work with the existing Master Key System. An access control company would have been scheduled to install the card reader and exit alarm. Having a single source like Anderson Lock saves customers’ time and money.

Stay tuned to this blog for the premier and release date of Anderson Lock’s “Door Replacement Video,” starring one of our Top Techs…the reluctant actor, Aaron!