Anderson Lock’s new telescopic aerial lift van is just one of many examples of how we employ cutting-edge technology to provide the most advanced security, safety and access control solutions for our commercial, educational and healthcare customers.

Video Surveillance Systems consist of security cameras, a digital video recorder (NVR) and a monitor. However, you can also view around-the-clock live feed from your security cameras from anywhere you have an internet connection, using your iPhone, Android, iPad, PC, Mac, and more.

In 2007, Anderson Lock installed our first surveillance solution: a single-camera, installed on the exterior of a hospital, by a lock tech on a ladder. Ladders are economical and easy to transport, and are regularly used for multiple door security hardware installations, but they only accommodate a single technician at a relatively low height. When techs need to work higher up, aerial “lifts” are recommended.

Access control tech, Matt Shanahan, installed perimeter cameras at a 2-1/2 story Duly Medical Building to provide security surveillance of their parking lot.

Today’s advanced technology incorporates multiple cameras, installed by an access control tech, who is fastened into a Dur-A-Lift bucket, and raised up to complete the camera installation. The single-person basket extends 34-feet high, with a 21-foot side reach.

Several years ago, we invested in a scissor lift, which is still in use for interior as well as some exterior installations. Additionally, when a job requires a higher reach, we rent a boom lift that can reach a maximum of 59-feet. Demand for camera installs has become so frequent that, to save time and money, we needed our own aerial lift truck.

Safety is another huge concern. Before we scheduled our new bucket truck for use on jobs, the access control techs needed to be trained and certified to meet and comply with OSHA guidelines. Our Access Control Manager, Jeff Parcell, noted that many camera installation locations can be reached with ladders, but, in his words, “Ladders get sketchy… the bucket truck is much safer.” He also notes that the Ford Transit van, which is wrapped in red vinyl accented with sky-blue graphics to match the rest of our service fleet, “is like driving a billboard around the city.”

Lifts, like our new bucket truck, have become a “height access method of choice” because they combine unmatched productivity, safety and reach. Whether you have a small office, large construction site, or multi-tenant commercial building, we have the capabilities to create a surveillance and security system that meets your specific needs.