Supra Key Box

Supra Key Box with Camouflage

Key boxes are intentionally inconspicuous, but it appears that the key box that is mounted below our bird nest filled exhaust vent is camouflaged to blend with the building. Oh, wait, that’s not camo…that’s bird poop!

What’s a key box? Not to be too obvious about an object that’s not supposed to be obvious, but it is a secure box that is designed to hold keys. You may have seen them on commercial and residential buildings but never really noticed them. (Especially the ones with camo…)

In many communities, they are required by the local fire department to give them access in an emergency. Building owners purchase the key box specified for their town, and mount it securely near an entrance. They put a key to that entrance in the box and inform the fire department. If there is an emergency, the fire department has a key that opens all the key boxes within its boundaries.

Key boxes are also very useful for elderly or disabled people who may have difficulty getting to the door in an emergency.

Interested? Check with your local fire department to determine if they have a key box program, and then contact Anderson Lock to order a key box with that department’s lock and key specifications.