Oliver Wendall Holmes wrote, “Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.”

Ah, the poet thinks of love and happiness. And on Valentine’s Day at Anderson Lock, we think of that as well. But normally, our master key experts are thinking of security and access control and not having to carry around heavy key rings.

At Anderson Lock, we have about a million keys, pretty ones like the one shown here, and plain ones, like the ones you use every day to open doors and start cars. We have a giant gate key hanging in our showroom–maybe it once opened gates of happiness! And we have teeny tiny keys hanging on hooks alongside all the common keys. We have Arrow keys…but they didn’t come from Cupid’s bow. We have keys as red as a rose, and keys as shiny as your favorite dog’s nose!

You could say that although we take security seriously, we are a little silly about keys! There are antique keys attached to weathered barn boards in artistic arrangements, and decorative brass keys, like the ones shown here, hanging in cubicles throughout the company. There are newly cut keys waiting to be delivered to a customer who ordered new locks, and old brass keys that survived Des Plaines’ River floods in the 80’s.