Don’t try this:

An unexpected airborne performance took place in a new community in Kaixian county, Chongqing Municipality on February 10, as a young girl with a rope around her waist was lowered down to a balcony on the fourth floor from the fifth – all because the family had locked themselves out.

The Cui family at the fourth floor went to the couple of Yu Shengcai living above them for supper but forgot to take keys to unlock the door.

Father Cui had enough of his faculties to come up with the more extreme idea of lowering their girl into their home from Yu’s apartment to take back the keys. “The girl, 8 years old, agreed immediately, and was very excited to do it,” Yu told media.

Cui’s wife borrowed a rope and helped the husband tie it around the girl’s waist and lower her down to the security fence outside the balcony. Then the girl opened a small window to get in.

“We dragged the rope tightly to let down the girl,” said Yu, admitting, “Now, thinking about it, it was really dangerous.”

  • Source: Chongqing Morning Post and online Global News
  • [19:29 February 20 2011]