You can’t always trust the new technology! There is a new cell phone “application” that locates a service provider based on a telephone number and address in the phone directory. It works well for finding the nearest pizza or car repair place when you are traveling and are unfamiliar with the neighborhood. Unfortunately, there are a lot of phony locksmiths that advertise phone numbers with fake addresses. Calls to these numbers, from unsuspecting consumers, who may be locked out of their car or home, are forwarded to call centers which are often located in another state. These scammers specialize in bait and switch tactics, and charge exhorbitant rates for inferior service.
One phone app customer, who is also a blogger, drove to the nearest “locksmith address” to have a key made. While trying to turn back onto the main road, he witnessed a crime. He used his phone to contact police. Then tried again to find a legitimate locksmith!
Remember, Anderson Lock technicians will always arrive in a red service truck, will always be wearing a company uniform, and will be able to show a P.E.R.C. (Permanent Employee Registration Card) issued by the State of Illinois.