When high school senior Rose Sarullo accepted a part time customer service job at Anderson Lock she was already planning her own wedding. After graduation, in June, 1981, she started working full time. The next month, she turned 18. The next month, she married Joe Umana!

Rose and Joe’s first child, Joey, born in 1985, is pictured in the Anderson Lock Flood of ’86 photo. Also pictured are Laura Miller, Dave Grothe and Jim Riddle.

To honor Rose’s 40th Anniversary at Anderson Lock, Cortney presented her with a Gift Certificate to be used toward travel or a special event. The vacation Rose and Joe booked included a very special event: Rhae Riddle’s October Outdoor Wedding in Idaho Springs, Colorado!

For years, the Umana and Riddle children shared the same caregiver, Irene.

The bride, Rhae, (Jim’s daughter) and her bridesmaid, Tina (Rose’s daughter) had become lifelong friends.

Now, Rose is helping Tina plan her April wedding, where Rhae will be a matron of honor.

While in Colorado, Rose and Joe rode the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway, a 3.5 hour round trip to the top of one of the most iconic mountains in the United States. They also rode electric bikes on a tour through Boulder, Colorado, where Rose spotted the ASSA ABLOY Mobile Showcase truck that visited Anderson Lock later that month. Also on their itinerary was the Seven Falls attraction in Colorado Springs, which features seven waterfalls, valleys, rock formations and lots and lots of wooden stairs.

Rose remembers typing triplicate copies of service orders in the years before fax machines and computers changed office routines. She became close friends with her ALC colleagues, playing on a softball team that was inducted into the Softball Hall of Fame; she earned the moniker: “Rose Knows” for her knowledge of locker locks and padlocks; made friends with clients as well as manufacturer’s reps; and says the “amazing people I’ve met” are the best part of her job.

At the 2021 Annual Meeting, Cortney said, “Rose takes an active interest in the unique personalities of each of her customers, always following through to solve their door hardware problems… and she’s not afraid of a new challenge or targeting a new customer.”



I retired March 2022 after over 45 years of selling various products and services to B2B operations. I can honestly say that in all those year of working with many different people there has never been anyone as special to work with than Rose Umana. I can assure you that I have worked with a wide range of people with varying personalities and character. Some definitely worth forgetting, many leave vague or limited memories, and a few being exceptional leaving a lasting impact. Rose is in the later group, and in fact, to me stands out as the most exceptional. What makes that statement so amazing is that I have worked with her for over 30 years and the person she was when we met is the same on when I retired. Her professionalism and character sets her apart. I experienced that also reflects who and what Anderson Lock Co. is about. Gene Anderson set the template for how his company and it’s employees were to work with both customers and vendors. Rose carried that professional banner as well as, or better than anyone. As wonderful a person she is was not the only reason for her longevity and success. She was excellent at her job and provided a trustworthiness and reliability I’ve experienced few ever offer. I had a successful career representing Master Lock Company, and Anderson Lock Company was without any question the most enjoyable customer I have ever worked with. I can sincerely say that much of my success has Rose’s fingerprint on it. Her knowledge, understanding, tenacity, resolve, loyalty, and caring sets her apart and made every opportunity to work with her a sincere joy. She has more than earned the recognition given. My parting comment is that every, and I mean every, company needs a Rose Umana to be successful. My life was certainly blessed with the honor and privilege of working with Rose. I hope for many blessings to fall on Rose and Joe in their future years.

Best wishes to all at Anderson Lock for 2023 and beyond.

Ray Green