These are troubling times. Security threats are growing. The eruptions of ugly violence and destruction, defiling cities and suburbs throughout America, punctuate the need, not only for change, but for stronger barriers against forced entry while the slow wheels of reform turn us toward justice, and a better society.

Anderson Lock Vans with "Ready to Serve Your Security Needs" Emblazoned on PictureAnderson Lock’s Mission is: “Promoting peace of mind by providing quality solutions that improve the safety, security, accessibility and aesthetics of buildings.”  Previous blogs focused on products we specify and install to assure accessibility and enhance aesthetics of commercial and institutional facilities.

Today we spotlight safety and security.

Looters shattering glass doors with sledgehammers, then hauling away merchandise, in the midst of an angry riot, will not be stopped by a deadbolt. We probably don’t sell any hardware strong enough to withstand the assaults on retail establishments captured over and over on news videos the past several days.

But we represent the industry’s finest manufacturers of heavy duty commercial doors and security door hardware. We stock a robust selection of doors that meet performance, durability and design standards, and can special order stainless steel doors in the sizes you need, that have been tested to resist heavy use and abuse.

One example is Steelcraft’s Hurricane Door and Frames Assemblies, which are approved, with Allegion hardware, to resist hurricane pressures and impacts. Uniquely engineered designs combined with the durability of superior corrosive resistant steel make Steelcraft Hurricane products an excellent solution for added building protection from severe weather…or an intruder’s attempted entry.

The list of innovative, sophisticated, safety and security solutions available to you, from us, is impressive:

  • High-security locks
  • Patented, drill-resistant cylinders
  • Mechanical and electronic lock systems
  • Wired and wireless access control systems
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Biometric credentials
  • Alarms

While shattering glass doors is blatant, and seemingly unstoppable in the midst of a mob, more surreptitious theft too often occurs through back doors of retail stores, warehouses and factories. Costly losses of assets and revenue can be prevented with an investment in more secure doors and locks.

Assuring the safety of employees is top-of-mind now more than ever. Today’s technology provides solutions that not only improve the safety and security of buildings, they provide the quality valued most in this uncertain era, peace of mind.

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