News of a retired New Jersey locksmith selling a firemen’s keyring on eBay generated a lot of buzz on the internet last week. Some of the keys, which were purchased by an “undercover” New York Post reporter, were not, as the seller claimed, obsolete. In the “wrong hands” the keys could have led to serious security issues. The sale is now under investigation by New York City officials. The retired locksmith has removed his eBay listings, and is not answering his phone.

This sale violated the code of ethics a licensed locksmith should adhere to, whether or not he is retired. Potential consequences described online may be exaggerated, but the seller should have known, and probably did know, that some of the keys he was selling are just like others that are still being used in locks throughout the city. Although there are thousands of legitimately “vintage keys” for sale on the internet, there is big difference between “obsolete” and “still issued, working” keys.

I read an article in our local newspaper about a rise in burglaries and thefts from homes and autos on the same day the internet article appeared. The story stated that “about sixty percent of the homes and cars had been left unlocked.” UNLOCKED!

These two news stories may not seem to be related, but to me they both represent a lack of concern about security and consequences. No one should sell keys that could jeopardize the safety of others! People shouldn’t leave personal property unguarded. Take the time to lock your doors! Put deadbolts on exterior doors.

At Anderson Lock we are always serious about security. Our locksmiths are licensed and ethical. We hear stories every day about misuse of keys, lost and stolen keys, and “unauthorized entry.” We are an authorized distributor for all the top-name manufacturers of locks, keys and security door hardware. We provide solutions for the safety of a building’s occupants, and for the protection of property. And we are happy to inform you of all things door- and security-related. Our knowledgeable technicians and sales representatives recommend the best products for your application. Since 1960, we’ve built our reputation on dependable products and reliable service.

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Blog by Kathi Bradbury Frelk