Jeff Asta Adjusts Bullet Camera on New Display

As Anderson Lock widens its security expertise, some of the products we represent are shrinking! It’s hard to even see the mini board Ganz camera mounted below the bullet camera that Jeff Asta is adjusting on our new display. I mistook it for a microphone when I took the photo. (Click on the photo to enlarge.) Board cameras are component level color cameras without a “casing” or “housing.”  Due to their extremely small size, they have many useful applications, from video door entry systems to covert surveillance with pinhole lenses.
 Mini board cameras are also specified when the camera needs to be small enough to fit on equipment, or in a restricted space.

The custom display, created by Lock Tech Todd Paluch, is set up in the Electronics Lab at our main location, to show customers some of the basic cameras and related equipment we represent.

Only a few cameras are on display, but the variety of sizes, styles, and application options that Anderson Lock represents is huge…and expanding! The monitor adjacent to the display lets customers compare the images produced by the different camera types. DVR’s, software, and accessories are available for a variety of CCTV systems.

And though many cameras are chosen for their wide angle coverage, a recent Anderson Lock camera installation called for narrow focus “license plate recognition” camera for a parking lot.

Access control systems increasingly include CCTV components. Knowing which new products will integrate most efficiently with existing security technology requires constantly updated, specialized knowledge. Jeff Parcell, our Access Control Manager, and Jeff Asta constantly review new products, attend frequent training seminars, and welcome the challenges created by the fast pace evolution of CCTV technology.