Tiffany Eyewear Enhanced with Skeleton Keys

Shawn Weinstock usually purchases frames for doors, but last night she was purchasing frames for her glasses. While selecting a new style at LensCrafters, she saw the Tiffany frames pictured here. She couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the jeweled skeleton key design. But she could resist the pricey pricetag!

I couldn’t resist checking out Tiffany’s website to see if there were other key designs and, yes, there are several. Most notable were the Tiffany Rimless Aviator Sunglasses pictured below. The pricetag on this stunning pair is $1,650. I like the website description: “Inspired by keys from the Tiffany Archives that opened doors to private manors and trunks filled with precious heirlooms. Sunglasses in titanium with 18k gold keys.”

Ah, the keys that inspired these glasses didn’t just open doors!

I wonder if today’s door and car keys will inspire the next generation’s jewelry and eyewear?

Tiffany Key Rimless Aviator Sunglasses