old, new signs

Anderson Lock Signs – Original and New

Gene Anderson hired his family’s Edison Park neighbor to create two rear-side-window signs for his company’s first service vehicle, a ’59 Chevy station wagon. Note that in 1960 there were no area or zip codes. Gene recalls, “Mr Larsen made all of our signs at that time and bird houses too!  A very talented man.”

“Anderson’s,” a one-man locksmith business, set-up in the front corner of his parents’ Ace Hardware store, evolved into “Anderson Lock,” an industry leader, with 92 employees and two locations.


Sign for Andy’s Ace Hardware, on Northwest Highway, in Edison Park neighborhood of Chicago

First Sign for First Location After Moving Out of Andy's Ace Hardware

First Sign for First Location After Moving Out of Andy’s Ace Hardware



The monument sign, shown at the bottom of the top photo, identifies Anderson Lock’s recently-opened Door Division facility, on Touhy Avenue, in Elk Grove Village. Extensive remodeling transformed former factory space into a spacious warehouse with custom door fabricating / welding stations, and stylish, energy-efficient open office areas.