A man who claims he is obsessed with doorknobs was sentenced to three years in prison for a burglary spree in which dozens of doorknobs were taken from construction sites, along with tools and other materials. The thief told police he took the other items to disguise his addiction, “so that it would look like a typical burglary rather than someone just stealing doorknobs.” In addition to the prison term, the pilferer was ordered to pay restitution. The crimes occurred in December, 2004, in Wisconsin, and were reported by the Associated Press.

Graphic of Door Knobs with "The Antique Doorknob - Maud Eastwood" Text

Cover of book about antique doorknobs

Gene Anderson, who founded Anderson Lock fifty years ago, has a small collection of books about locks. One is a paperback, titled “The Antique Doorknob.” ┬áIt was written in 1976 by Maud Eastwood, who collected and researched doorknobs. Maud introduces her book with a sentimental poem, which doesn’t qualify for my collection of excerpts of “Locks in Literature” but it does set a properly nostalgic tone for the antique doorknobs.

The Knob on the Door
Only one house was home to me
Only one house was home
The door of the house spoke “Welcome”
The knob on the door said “Home.”

Only one love was alive to me
Only one love was alive
Although I have had many a love
Only your love was alive.

Only one memory dear to me
Only one memory dear
When I turned the knob and found you home
This is my memory, Dear!