The Dark Knight Motorcycle

When Maureen from MSI interviewed Cortney for a book / website / event that MSI is sponsoring to honor 50 family-owned, Chicago-area companies, one of the questions she asked was, “What was the strangest request you have had from a customer?”

Hmmm…I guess there could be different interpretations of “strange” but we went with the request by a movie production company to remove a perfectly good pair of glass aluminum doors in a Lower Wacker location, and then reinstall them a couple of days later. In the meantime, the production company put in a pair of “breakaway” doors, then filmed Batman crashing through them on his motorcycle! [That scene is available on YouTube, if you search for “The Dark Knight Motorcycle / Joker Scene.”]

Anderson Lock has played a part (so to speak) in other popular movies as well. Master Lock locker locks were purchased for use in “My Bodyguard” which was filmed in Chicago’s historic Lakeview High School. Door closers, exit devices and other security hardware was purchased and installed at the former Maine North High School in Des Plaines for “The Breakfast Club” and a lock was removed then reinstalled on a shed in a cemetery for “U.S. Marshals.”

Some of the other 50 year old, family-owned Chicago area companies participating in the “50fifty” event are: The Talbott Hotel, Garrett’s Popcorn, The Billy Goat Tavern, Fishman Fabrics, Butch McGuire’s Restaurant and Bar, Superdawg, Elkay Manufacturing, Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant, Laystrom Manufacturing, Dinkel’s Bakery, National Van Lines, La-Co Markal and Manny’s Deli.

MSI is a family-owned, fifty year old, Chicago public relations and social media company. We think their book / website / event idea is great and we are particularly looking forward to learning about the strange requests the other companies have had from their customers!