How did Anderson Lock become “Chicago’s Premier Commercial Door and Locksmith Services” provider?

Tech training tops the list of answers to that question.

Here are four key reasons why Anderson Lock places a high value on education:

  1. Skill enhancement
  2. Personal advancement
  3. Sales and service improvement
  4. And sustainable economic growth

There are at least four different types of training making dynamic changes within our workplace. On any given day, at least some of our 100+ employees participate in some type of upskilling. Education is gained through:

  1. Cross-training
  2. Mentoring and/or apprenticeships
  3. Online and in-person DHI (Door and Hardware Institute) Certification Classes
  4. Onsite training from manufacturer’s representatives or at factory locations across the Midwest

As the door security and life safety industry evolves from mechanical to electronic locking products, more training is required. Increased use of technology, for technicians, project managers, fabricators and office staff, is transforming traditional ways of doing business.

Onsite classroom training meeting

Staying up-to-date in the Digital Age is essential to serving our customers and communities. Technical skills, and the ability to constantly acquire new competencies, are required for all workers. School security, hands-free hardware, and code updates related to fire door inspections and behavioral health critically influence life safety solutions. We must stay current on certifications and codes, as well as knowledgeable about new, innovative security products that provide specialized solutions.

Because of Anderson Lock’s distinction as an authorized distributor, most security door hardware manufacturers offer onsite training to our employees. Recently, RECORD Automatic Door Operators, sent factory and sales representatives to Anderson Lock to instruct our sales and service techs with hands-on as well as classroom training on the sales, installation and service of RECORD door operators’ unique features.

Four more keys to the question about how we became a premier provider of commercial door and locksmith services are:

  1. Customer Service – We try our best to be friendly, polite, competent and responsive.
  2. Trust – We dispatch licensed, bonded, trained technicians.
  3. Reputation – Anderson Lock has been dedicated to door security since 1960.
  4. Reliability – We specify top quality products, and provide industry-leading skilled services

To order security door hardware from our knowledgeable sales representatives,

or to schedule a service call with our well-trained techs, call 847-824-2800