Anderson Lock Door Division Technician Welding Metals Photographic artistry transformed this mundane moment of a fabricator welding a frame into a decorative portrayal of industrial craftsmanship.

Sparks fly.
Metal melts.
Smoke rises.
The sculptural process used to fabricate frames requires a light touch for tap welds; smooth, continuous motions for seam welds; smooth, continuous motions for grinding; a light touch for filing, sanding and finishing; and strength to move finished frames from welding stations to warehouse staging spaces.

The history of joining metals goes back to the Bronze and Iron Ages in Europe and the Middle East. In Delhi, India, welding has been traced back to about 310 AD. Until the end of the 19th century, the only welding process was forge welding, which blacksmiths had used for millennia to join iron and steel by heating and hammering.

Renaissance tradesmen were skilled in the work, and the industry continued to grow during the following centuries. World War I caused a major surge in the demand for welding, with the various military powers attempting to determine which of the several new welding techniques would be best.

Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create individual parts, assemblies, or large-scale structures, from large ships and bridges, to delicate jewelry. The craft of metalworking encompasses welding done by sculptural artists and famously includes the landmark Chicago Picasso, which towers 50 feet above the Civic Center Plaza. Artist Alexander Calder is also noted for his metal creations.

Welding connects metal with metal within a wide range of occupations, and therefore requires a wide range of skills, processes and tools.

State-of-the-art cutting, welding, grinding, and stamping equipment is operated by Anderson Lock’s talented shop techs to fabricate just about any configuration of frames, sidelights, borrowed lights, and transoms in our Elk Grove Door Division. Our experienced fabricators also modify metal doors to install lights, louvers and special hardware. Our extensive inventory of Steelcraft and Curries hollow metal doors and frames ensures timely turnarounds of any size order.

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