Do you have

  • fork lifts
  • medical carts
  • gurneys
  • or simply a lot of foot traffic going through doorways in your facility?

Are you tired of replacing thresholds that weren’t designed for heavy equipment and high usage?

You need to cross the cost threshold.

Upgrade to Pemko’s 1715AK. Its ultra-durable, extra-thick extruded nickel-aluminum construction is guaranteed for ten years. Besides being ideal for industrial facilities, schools, cafeterias, manufacturing buildings and hospitals, it is designed to withstand coastal and high-humidity conditions. Yes, it’s more expensive than standard thresholds, but look, it’s guaranteed for ten years!

This rugged threshold is 5” wide with grooves on the underside for a thick layer of caulking. The A in the model number refers to mill finish aluminum, and the K stands for PemKote skid-resistant surfacing. Pemko’s 1715AK is barrier-free, and fire-rated to UL10B for negative pressure; UL10C for positive pressure. We have 36”, 48” & 72” lengths in stock.

Call our sales department to answer any questions about crossing over to Pemko’s heavy-duty thresholds today!

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