Vanderbilt Industries named Anderson Lock as a 2020 Platinum Advantage Partner, and presented us with a lovely crystal sales award.

Anderson Lock has partnered with Vanderbilt Industries from their earliest days as a source for ‘bright blue’ access control products.

Anderson Lock’s Access Control Manager, Jeff Parcell, is pleased with the recognition, saying, “We install bright blue systems all the time. We have for years! Ever since they were introduced as a web-based way to control access. It’s a great solution for small to medium sized applications.”

Vanderbilt lite blue® and bright blue® do not require special software or a dedicated PC. Any computer, or smartphone, connected to a standard web browser, can be used to access, monitor and manage bright blue systems from anywhere with internet access.

Designed utilizing embedded intelligence, Vanderbilt Industries’ Bright Blue Intelligent Access Management System lets users manage up to 32 doors and 5000 cardholders with ease.

The ‘blue’ family supports standard Wiegand devices, Schlage AD, NDE and LE (ENGAGE) Series electronic locks, and various card formats and technologies such as proximity, smart card, magnetic stripe and Bluetooth. Its user-friendly design makes access control genuinely accessible.