Yale 8800 Series, Mortise Locks Augusta Design

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For use in commercial and institutional buildings.


Product Details

Product Specs

  • Armored front for increased security
  • Keyway:  GA standard, others optional
  • Deadbolt: 1” throw; latchbolt: 3/4” throw
  • Handed: field reversible
  • Backset:  2-3/4”; Door thickness: 1-3/4”
  • Strike:  4-7/8” flat strike
  • Trim designs: available with rose [R] (2-9/16” diameter) or escutcheon [E] (8” x 2”)
  • Grade 1; UL listed; ADA compliant


8801FL – Passage

Both levers always unlocked.

8802FL – Privacy

Inside pushbutton locks outside lever. Button released by turning inside lever or closing door; or using emergency key from outside. Emergency key part #14-5302-1053.

8807FL – Entrance

Latchbolt operated by lever either side unless outside lever is locked by toggle in lock front, or when deadbolt is projected. Deadbolt operates by key outside and thumbturn inside. Turning inside lever retracts both latchbolt and deadbolt.

8808FL – Classroom

Latchbolt by lever either side, EXCEPT when outside lever is locked by key outside. Auxiliary latch deadlocks latchbolt. Lever inside always active.

8818-2FL – Classroom Security

Latchbolt by lever from either side unless outside lever is locked by projection of deadbolt. Deadbolt thrown by key from either side. Inside lever simultaneously retracts latchbolt and deadbolt; outside lever remains locked. Retracting latchbolt by key unlocks outside lever. Auxiliary latch deadlocks latchbolt.

8805FL – Storeroom

Outside lever always locked. Entrance by key only. Inside lever always unlocked. (Lever handle is freewheeling in locked position.)