HPC Key Punch Machine

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Code Card Machine


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Product Specs

Accurate, portable machine to create original keys where electricity may not be available
  • Comes with 101 Code Cards with depth and space indicators, plus any special information such as punch, jaw, code series, and blanks

  • Based on the industry standard 1200CMB code machine 

  • Most versatile punch machine on the market

  • Easy to change from one manufacturer to another because depth and space adjustments are not required. 

  • Punches Supplied:  

1) Small cylinder  #PCH-1011

2) 84 additional foreign automotive  #PCH-47

3) Standard large cylinder  #PCH-14

    Accessories Included:

    1) Code Cards  #PDECK-101 (97 code cards/4 micrometer cards)
    2) Allen Wrench  #WRENCH-4
    3) Punch/Die Wrench  #WRENCH-5
    4) Depth Adjustment Wrench  #WRENCH-6
    5) Manual