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Assorted Popular Locksmith Tools


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Product Specs

Hollow Brass Follower Set

  • 3 popular sizes, nested into compact case
  • Medium-hard, hollow brass followers
  • Works with Corbin Russwin heavy duty know lock cylinder
  • Use small size for cabinet locks, pin-tumbler letterbox locks and more
  • Lightweight, efficient locksmith tool


Plug Followers

  • SUT-1 .495" diameter
  • SUT-10 .550" diameter
  • SUT-22 Adjustable follower
    • Fits all standard locks .495" to .600" dia.
    • Handles 90% of all locks
    • Spring loaded


    Mortise Cylinder Lock Tap and Die Set

    • Solution to stripped mortise cylinders and lock cases
    • Re-thread cylinders and cases that are no longer manufactured and must be repaired


    Pin Tumbler Tweezers

    • Groove in tip provides firm, non-twisting grip on cylinder pins for easy loading
    • Tip-milled back to outside diameter of standard .115" diameter pin extends past tip
    • 6" long