Schlage ND Series Locks, Athens Design

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LOCKS SOLD LESS CYLINDER STANDARD. To add a cylinder, select a keyway from the keying option. ND-Series Locks are recommended for commercial, institutional and industrial use, such as schools, hospitals and factories, where a long life of dependable operation must be combined with a high degree of resistance to physical abuse.


Product Details

Product Specs

  • Keying: less cylinder standard
    • Order: 40-100 0-bitted cylinder separately (specify C123 or C keyway)
    • Order: 21-020 keyed different cylinder separately (specify C123 or C keyway)
  • Non-handed
  • ANSI strike 1-1/4" a 4-7/8"
  • Backset: 2-3/4" standard
  • Door thickness: 1-5/8" - 2-1/8"
  • Grade 1; UL listed
  • Levers are ADA compliant
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ND10S – Passage Latch

Both levers always unlocked.

ND40S – Privacy Lock

Inside pushbutton locks outside lever. Pushbutton released by turning inside lever or closing door.

ND44S – Hospital Privacy Lock

Pushbutton locking. Unlocked from outside by emergency turnbutton. Pushbutton released by turning inside lever or closing door.

ND53PD – Entrance Lock

Pushing / turning button locks outside lever, unlocked by key until button released. Pushing button locks outside lever until unlocked by key or by turning inside lever.

ND70PD – Classroom Lock

Outside lever locked / unlocked by key. Inside lever always unlocked.

ND80PD – Storeroom or Closet Lock

Outside lever RIGID. Entrance by key only. Inside lever always unlocked.

ND82PD – Institutional Lock

Both levers always RIGID. Entrance by key in either lever.