Chicago Shakespeare Theater is pleased with the great service they always receive from Anderson Lock.

Chicago’s Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier plays to 225,000 audience members annually. It features as many as twenty productions and 650 performances–including plays, musicals, world premieres, family programming, and presentations from around the globe. Navy Pier’s former Skyline Stage was redesigned with a dynamic design that has changed the shape of theater architecture. Nine mobile towers create spaces that can be reconfigured for each production. Audience capacities can range from 150 to 850.

Built in 1916, as a shipping and recreation facility, the pier stretches more than six city blocks into Lake Michigan. It has evolved into an accessible, year-round entertainment venue, with more than 50 acres of parks, restaurants, attractions, retail shops, sightseeing and dining cruise boats, in addition to the theaters.

This heavily trafficked environment demands heavy-duty door closers, like Sargent’s 351 Series Powerglide® with options for use on exterior and interior doors. Even so, the closers show signs of wear after a while. Recently, screws came loose on a door closer arm on a glass and metal lobby door. Also, a closer arm detached from an interior wood door.

Shakespeare Theater’s Facilities and Operations Director, Susan Knill, called Anderson Lock’s Installation Manager, Gary Ipsen, to schedule a service call. She was willing to wait a few days for Chris Miller, who is familiar with both the hardware and the theater’s family programming, which his family often attends. She quickly agreed when asked to take a photo for this article, and jokingly told Gary, “Make sure Chris knows I’m going to take his picture so he has a good hair day!”

Susan says, “Chicago Shakespeare Theater is pleased with the great service we always receive from Anderson Lock. Gary Ipsen works very hard to help us out with prompt scheduling. It’s so helpful that Chris knows our two buildings and existing hardware so well; it makes repairs go much more smoothly and quickly.”